A Pleasure for All the Senses

The wonder of Santorini’s gastronomy derives from the pure, fiery taste and exquisite quality of the rare, volcanic local produce. Simple yet intense ingredients, and techniques perfected over aeons of culinary exploration have resulted in a world of palatable pleasure found nowhere else in the world.

Santorinian gastronomy is an ode to harmony and simplicity and a source of creative inspiration for artisans exploring the art of taste, with Imerovigli housing some exemplary restaurants extolling the tastes of Santorini. Its newest addition, Cresanto Restaurant, invites you to discover the delights of local cuisine in all its renditions in a glorious experience of culinary perfection every day at dinnertime.

Are you ready to be amazed?


Tasteful Morning Rituals

Encapsulating the gastronomic essence of Santorini through the fresh, local and seasonal ingredients of the volcanic land, breakfast at Cresanto Luxury Suites is an experience not to be missed. Inspired artisans summon all their skill and creativity to prepare before your eyes hearty breakfast spreads that celebrate simplicity through taste, every morning of your stay.

A sumptuous array of local delicacies, fresh fruit and yoghurt, and a hand-picked selection of breakfast goodies accompanied with invigorating brews, teas, and freshly squeezed juices help you start your day right. The views to the sea from our breakfast room can only make your morning ritual even more irresistible, a reason to get out of bed on its own.

All-day Pool Bar

Heaven Lies by the Pool

Settle in a lush sunbed and escape the rest of the world to bask in the revitalizing rays of the bright Greek sun at the poolside heaven of Cresanto Luxury Suites. As the day drifts by and every shade of blue reflects on the crystalline waters of our expansive pool, our Pool Bar stands ready to cater to your every craving with delightful proposals for snacks and light meals, together with refreshing beverages and exotic cocktails to match your leisurely mood.

At this sun-kissed corner of serenity, days fragrant with aromas of our gardens and balmy Aegean breezes pass by like a dream, enriched with the sumptuous offering of our Pool Bar, a slice of island heaven in its most modern rendition.


Santorinian gastronomy is an ode to harmony and simplicity


Gastronomic Glory

Fresh, seasonal, high-quality produce transforms through our chefs’ mastery into a culinary experience redolent of the intense characteristics of Santorinian cuisine and the world-class local wines, an adventure into inspired creativity influenced by the rich local heritage and Mediterranean cuisine that celebrates taste above all else. That is the least one should expect from dinner at the Cresanto Restaurant, a refined gastronomic experience under the stars in idyllic ambience with mesmeric nighttime views to Imerovigli and the sea.

Celebrate the sheer pleasures of life in a contemporary gastronomic destination where culinary tradition and vivid inspiration unite in harmony to please all senses in an experience that says it all: dinner at Cresanto.