An otherworldly spectacle of nature’s power, the birthplace of the myth of the – magnificent – Lost Atlantis and a cherished destination for millions of travelers from the world around, Santorini offers a unique perspective into the beauty of our world and promises the extraordinary.

Seductively beautiful and soundtracked by the summer whispers of the Aegean Sea, this unique island beckons visitors with its pristine architecture, its colorful culture and warm, amiable hospitality to enter a world of wonder atop the caldera and beyond. Are you ready to discover all its treasures?


A Journey back in Time

Thousands of years ago, Santorini flourished; a highly advanced civilization thrived on the island at Akrotiri, only to meet its demise under tons of lava. The devastating eruption sunk most of the island under the sea and created the imposing caldera we admire in awe to this day. Centuries later, the island was bestowed new life after it was colonized by the Spartan King Theras, who built the mighty city of Thera atop Mesa Vouno Mountain and led the way to it rebuilding its former glory. In Medieval times, Santorini homed five imposing castle-cities, the renowned Kastelia, gaining a worldwide reputation for its magnificent wine production.

Today, Santorini reflects its rich past in the findings of Akrotiri and Ancient Thera, in the remnants of the Kastelia at Emporio, Pyrgos, Oia and Akrotiri and in the vibrant character of its people, whose love for their homeland and heritage is evident in every step of the way. Explore the history, the culture, the stories that are Santorini and share the love and passion for this extraordinary piece of land. We are certain it’s a love that will last forever.


The Charm of Authenticity

Quaint yet imposing, simple yet intricately beautiful, the villages around Santorini are the beating heart of the island. Each with a distinct personality, though sharing some quintessential elements that together forge the island’s character, the villages of Santorini embody authentic island living. The villages along the caldera, from the vibrant capital of Fira to the traditional Oia on the northern end epitomize Cycladic beauty.

Pristine white and blue architecture and stunning views of the sea and the sunset enchant their visitors, all the while offering a local rendition of contemporary luxury unique to the island. On the other side of the island, the beachfront villages of Kamari, Perissa and Perivolos showcase a more carefree, easygoing way of living, whereas the villages of the mainland stand testament to the serene, rustic side of Santorini, with the evocative winemakers’ hubs of Pyrgos, Megalochori and Emporio inviting you to explore the daily life of simpler times.


Stunning Volcanic Coasts

Santorini’s volcanic coastline is an amalgam of color and immense natural beauty that never ceases to amaze visitors. Black sands, towering maroon cliffs and shimmering white pebbles beckon you to admire the marvels of nature as you dip in the crystalline waters of the Aegean.

The Red and the White beach are perhaps the two most famous beaches on the island, with the more cosmopolitan, black-sanded beaches of Perivolos, Perissa and Kamari a close second in the preference of beach-goers, but that is hardly all. The Santorinian shores boast a multitude of gorgeous beaches, from secluded coves such as the enchanting Kambia or the isolated Kolumbos to evocative seafront settings such as the lunar-like Glyfada cliffs, and many more for you to discover.


Thrilling Summer Activities

The majestic Santorini offers ample opportunity for exciting encounters with nature, history, gastronomy, or anything one could ever desire. From thrilling cruises to the caldera, the volcanoes and the stunning coastline of Santorini, to exhilarating watersports and explorations around the island and to discovering the island’s past around towns and villages frozen in time, or from savoring the unique volcanic products and the sumptuous local wines to gazing into the infinite blue of the Aegean and admiring the world’s most beautiful sunsets, Santorini is full of surprises.

Whether you seek excitement, tranquility, beauty or simply, uniqueness, Santorini has wonders to generously offer. Don’t hesitate to ask our concierge for tips on where to find what you seek, yet the journey is as precious as the destination.